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You said it, we did it – welcome to the People’s Choice Issue of Twisted Sister, where, like everything else around here, things are pretty twisted.

Our rules were simple – vote as often as you liked, for whoever you liked (including yourself). Votes were cast through the WordPress ‘like’ button, Twitter, and good ol’ chats on Facebook. You told us what you liked – and we listened.

Our list of nominees is down below — not true ‘winners’ cuz this is about showcasing different voices and bring out our best. And if your not on the list, we still love you just the same.

It’s a truly amazing range of styles and voices that we have going on, and now it’s time to sit back and say wow – thank you, for helping us grow. Twisted Sister lit mag started (with full apologies to Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, the band) as a place for feminist and queer positive horror and dark fantasy – anything weird and twisted with a feminist bent. We love the spooky, the strange, the unknown, and wanted to give a place for women (and men or whoever) to showcase their work.

And we grew from there.

In case you’re wondering about the first post on Twisted Sister – it was Balls, an essay on women and writing, and how you need balls (fictitious, of course) to shut the door and write well. We talked about this again in Balls, Revisited and about the added, er, joys, of trying to write with children (and partners) underfoot.

We want to take a moment to thank our wonderful contributors and twisted lil’ readers – without folks like yourself this lit mag wouldn’t happen. A huge shout out to the folks who supported us along the way, mostly hiding behind the scenes and making things happen – Alexa Farley, Brookelynn Berry, Cindy Rosmus the editor of the killer ezine Yellow Mama, and Angela the editor around here. Truly, words cannot say enough. Thanks. We owe you all, big time.


Twisted Sister

Image -- leftofurban
Image — leftofurban

Twisted Sister People’s Choice Issue List of Winners

You tell us, we do it.

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for — drumroll, please — the favorites (in alphabetic order) are as follows.

Be sure to check them out, stalk the authors, and find new favorites and rediscover old ones.


Alice Makes a Pudding by Alexa Farley

The Drowning of Elizabeth Walker by Vanessa Levin – Pompetzki

Frogs ‘n Shit by Brookelynn Berry (and her follow up Strike n’ Smash)

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner by Linda Barret

Interview with the Boogey Man by Liz McAdams

Karaoke Queen by Cindy Rosmus

News at Five (excerpt from Tinder Sacrifices) by Vanessa Levin – Pompetzki

The Perfect Man by Carolynn Ward

A Shave Too Close by GJ Hart

Softball by Liz McAdams



The Circle of Life by Donna Krause

Insomnia by Alma Mobly

Ode to a Painful Foot by Ruth Deming

Poem Involving a Goose by Remington Murphy

A Sad State by Alma Mobly

The Spirits Become Her by Carly Zee

Your Name by Suzanne Magee



Thanks to Brookelynn Berry for a scholarly review on Stephen King’s On Writing and a sexy interview with Matt Holgate (in case you missed it, they’re talking beer and amateur porn. And threesomes.) You have to see it for yourself.


Remember, you can always find other good reads on our What & Where page, be sure to check out other Fiction and Flash Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, including Essays and Book Reviews. Our Archives and Writer’s Digest are back there too.

Image -- Brookelynn Berry
Image — Brookelynn Berry


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