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In the spirit of raising walls, the Twisted Sister Weenie Wall is dedicated to a certain president of a country just to the south of us.

Image of London protest from CNN
Image of London protest from CNN


So, American friends, it looks like things have taken a decidedly weird turn in the realm of US politics. Since the presidential inauguration (less than a week ago) we’ve seen nearly 5 million people marching around the globe to promote women’s rights and reproductive health, and then two days later seen the US government cut funding to international agencies supporting those rights.

We’ve seen immigration policies become increasingly intolerant, with blanket restrictions against people from predominantly Muslim countries; orders put in place to run oil pipelines through First Nations people’s sacred land (and a spill already, up in Canada BTW); orders to review an already struggling healthcare system; and plans to go ahead and build a wall between the US and Mexico, and then try to make Mexico pick up the tab.

And then there’s that whole alternative facts thing, where the US presidential press secretary is warping and twisting the truth (and its many variations) in a way that would make Big Brother proud.

There are rogue national parks tweeting scientific facts and data about climate change, despite government orders to cease and desist, and now all EPA scientific studies must be approved by political staff before being released to the public. (Just to be clear folks, this isn’t peer-reviewed protocol we’re talking about, where scientists review each other’s work and that is commonplace in science, this is politicians saying what information can and cannot be released to the public.)

If this doesn’t have you reaching for your copy of George Orwell’s 1984 nothing will. We got a link to a free eBook for you right here, and don’t worry, it’s on the Canadian Project Gutenberg site so you’re safe. While you’re on that, be sure to check out Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited and a great collection of seven classic dystopias (including Brave New World, available on Amazon, but only a buck for a Kindle version).

So why are the folks behind Twisted Sister bothered about it at all? As Canadians, think of us as your concerned neighbours, maybe sharing the same apartment building, and then watching an arsonist move in. We know it’s only a matter of time before we all go up in flames. As a FEMININST lit mag, albeit with a weird sense of humour and a perchance for dark horror and fantasy, we think an infringement upon the rights of anyone, but especially of women, is worth speaking up against.

And we’re doing this in the only way we know how – through words. Essays, stories, and poems.

As Liz McAdams would say, artists – be they writers, painters, or musicians – are a marginalized sort of people, visionaries hanging out on the fringes of society, and, as such, are in a position to see and critique things that those in the centre of it all might not.

And, in telling the essence of a situation through the distorted lens of fiction and allegory, we tell the truth in a way that convention cannot.

So, we at Twisted Sister created our Weenie Wall, and we’re shelving some fiction, poems, essays and our Not a Pussy issue over here, and unlike Trump’s actual weenie, we’re hoping this page will grow. Be sure to send us your finest dystopian political fantasies and post apocalyptic visions, we got a real nice space for them on our Weenie Wall (Twisted Sister submission details are over here).


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