ARCHIVE — What’s Up? Sexy Summer Fun — We’re cranking the heat up around here

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Editor’s Page: Sexy, Summer Fun — We’re cranking the heat up around here


Is it me, or is it hot in here? I mean in a good way, of course.

Welcome to Twisted Sister lit mag, where we try to have fun while hanging out with some dark stories and creepy characters. We’re gonna hit the sexy hard for this edition, and fumble our way through some erotic encounters.

Think of us as a spooky Cosmo.

Heck, even Bram Stoker hit all kinds of sexy with heaving bosoms pierced by vampire fangs. And good ol’ literary icon, D.H. Lawrence was fond of anal, if and if you’re surprised by that, you might want to give Lady Chatterley’s lover another read.

But, both old Bram and D.H Lawrence follow the model of the old dead white dude, and their writing is about their unique point of view. Which brings us to now.

We are blessed (or cursed) to live in a time where women’s voices flourish, and there’s tons of erotic and sexy stuff out there written for and by women.

And now we’re just a part of it. So why would we do this?

It’s fun, and twisted, and why the heck not. But the longer reason is Twisted Sister lit mag is about putting our own words out in our own way. Do crisp business suits turn your crank? We got you covered. Or do you fancy a sexy romp with a hot fireman? Go for it.

Or maybe things down and dirty around the gas pumps are more your style. Go for that too. Or perhaps you harbour some naughty school girl fantasies – we got that one here. We one about sex going bad and buggy, and we seem to have a thing about cars, but who are we to judge?

Do you give good oral? I mean really good oral — to take the heat to a whole new level, check out Brookelynn’s HOT quiz and sex advice; we trust you’ll be busy for quite a while.

So poke around, and check us out, and don’t worry, we won’t tell.


Twisted Sister


So you think you’re twisted enough for Twisted Sister lit mag — show us what you got. Give us your best, give us your worst, give us your weird and we’ll let it all hang out.

And don’t forget about the Twisted Sister Basement — where good things go to die, only to be resurrected again with a little nip & tuck, if you know what I mean. Not sure about a piece? Fire it into the basement, and we’ll sort it out together.


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