We want YOU!



We want you! Or, we want your stories that is.

A short story is like a bomb exploding inside your brain – and that’s what we want. Give us your best – thrillers, scares, blood, guts and gore – give it fast, and give it hard. Give us those well written f*cked up pieces that nobody knows what to do with.

Fiction – we want it. Think dark fiction. We want scary, strange, and weird. Genre-bending is OK here, so give me your best post-apocalyptic spaghetti western. Gender bending is fine as well (this is a queer positive space after all.)

Nonfiction – sure, we’ll take that too. Think book or movie reviews, essays that connect to writing about dark stuff or authors you want to do a short bio on (as long as their work fit’s our bill, sorry, no Danielle Steele fans here). Otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

Poetry and Art Work — give us what you got. Keep it sharp and strange, and we’re all good.

Length – we’re not fussy, but around 3000 or heck of a lot less is nice. Flash fiction – my personal cut off is around 600 words, but I can be nudged to upper counts if it’s so sharp it screams. Even less is better.

How to send – copy and paste into the body of an email to twistedsisterlitmag@gmail.com or use the handy form below. NO attachments please. I prefer 12 point font and double spacing cuz I can’t see shit, but that’s just me. I want a great freaking story over fussy formatting.

Art work — just copy and paste into an email or send a link to a url and we’ll talk.

Sorry folks, no payment, your story will be shared with the world for bragging rights only.

OK, so we want your stuff, let’s set up some ground rules – good ol’ safe, sane, and consensual goes far in my world – although we love stories where bad things happen to good people, abuse for the sake of sheer violence is never acceptable. And, although you may be writing your best serial killer story ever, and the blood might be dripping off the page, if it tips too far into the land of violence for violence’s sake, we’re gonna ask you to shelve it. Or at least do a rewrite.

The funny thing is, we can tell the difference between a great scare or gore fest and just splatter porn. The big nos – no racism, no stupid sexism (no look at the tits on her kinda thing) and no homophobia. So we say yes please to the Twight Zone-esque weirdness and Hitchcockian thrillers, and no thanks to gratuitous violence towards women, children, or animals.

It’s all a fine balance.

And, just for the record, I have a thing for serial killers. And dismemberment.

So tread carefully, my friends.


Twisted Sister

Hey folks — we hate to do this, but we have to say NO to simultaneous submissions — please don’t send us work and send it out to a bunch of other places as well. It takes us time to review your submissions, and it really sucks for us to spend that time on a piece (and maybe come up with some edits, or other work to partner it with) and then have a piece suddenly withdrawn. If you’re antsy about a piece, send us a reminder and we’ll get on it ASAP.

(And we get it, it’s your work, you can do what you want with it, but trust me, you don’t want to get on our shit list 😉

Click here for more on what’s up with the non-paying site and the truth behind Twisted Sister (you’d be surprised) or if you want to find out more on our take on feminist horror.



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